"Unlocking Success - The Exquisite Beauty Co Story"


In the bustling heart of Buckhead, an affluent suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, stands Exquisite Beauty Co, a remarkable 4-room salon suite nestled on the iconic Peachtree Street. This 2,000-square-foot haven for beauty enthusiasts was initially a vision brought to life by owner Angela Travis. Angela's journey with Exquisite Beauty Co and the pivotal role played by her My Beauty Site subscription serve as a compelling testament to the transformative power of access to beauty products.

Chapter 1: The Genesis of Exquisite Beauty Co

Angela's Vision Takes Shape


Exquisite Beauty Co began as a modest 2,000-square-foot salon suite on Peachtree Street, reflecting Angela Travis's dream of providing a serene haven for beauty professionals and their clients. Angela's vision was to create a space where beauty thrived, and professionals could flourish.

Chapter 2: The Importance of Retail

The Evolution of the Retail Section

Initially, the retail area at Exquisite Beauty Co occupied less than 150 square feet—an afterthought amidst the grandeur of the salon suite. However, My Beauty Site's subscription soon changed the game. Angela harnessed the subscription's power to supply the salon suite renters and their clients with a carefully curated selection of beauty products.

Chapter 3: Unforeseen Demand and Growth

From Afterthought to Full-Fledged Business

What started as a modest retail space quickly expanded to 200 square feet as the demand for beauty products soared. Angela found herself catering not only to the needs of women but also to an unexpected clientele—men who sought quality grooming products. Surprisingly, Angela discovered that there was not a beauty supply store within a 5-mile radius, making her retail venture even more vital.

Chapter 4: The Birth of The Beauty Supply & Fashion Boutique

Expanding Horizons

Angela's success story continued to unfold. With the increased demand and the flexibility of her My Beauty Shop membership, she expanded into a larger space within the plaza. This expansion gave rise to "The Beauty Supply & Fashion Boutique," a 3,500-square-foot emporium of beauty and style. The boutique quickly made its mark, and Angela's quick success was evident from the remarkable earnings of $15,000 in the first month alone.

Chapter 5: A Beacon of Inspiration

Inspiring Others

Angela's journey from a 2,000-square-foot salon suite to a flourishing 3,500-square-foot beauty supply store has not gone unnoticed. Her rapid expansion and unwavering commitment to excellence have prompted inquiries from fellow beauty entrepreneurs, including the owner of a makeup studio, Khadijah. Khadijah, inspired by Angela's success, quickly signed up for her own My Beauty Site subscription, setting the stage for "The Blush Baby" story.


The story of Exquisite Beauty Co stands as a testament to the incredible possibilities that a My Beauty Site subscription can unlock for beauty professionals. Angela Travis's journey, from a salon suite to a thriving beauty supply store, demonstrates the transformative power of access to quality beauty products. Her success has not only changed her life but also inspired others to embark on their own journeys to beauty entrepreneurship.


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