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Andis Replacement Blade Revite Fade

Andis Replacement Blade Revite Fade


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The new body style and shape is slim and compact with a new removable adjustable blade design that offers easy cleaning and quick changes between a Taper and Fade blade. An all-new rotary motor with a ball bearing drive system features a rubber mount and gasket design to reduce vibration and sound. A high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery delivers a 2-hour run time that fits within a compact housing. Updated geometry and tooth patterns on both Taper and Fade blades create the perfect balance of cutting precision and efficiency. Innovative blade set design combines the functionality of a traditional lever adjustable blade with the convenience of a removable blade making cleaning maintenance and blade changes easier than ever and tool free Premium Metal clip combs have redesigned tine size and geometry to improve efficiency and eliminate size gaps between combs. A larger metal clip holds more securely than plastic and are more comfortable to install and remove. Slimmer shape is more maneuverable comfortable and easier to grip for a greater range of hand sizes with an extra-large rubber grip insert to prevent slipping and drops. A lighter weight compact cordless clipper provides a more comfortable grip allowing professionals to give a premium cut with new combs that allow maximum versatility. New motor and blade technology deliver the performance professionals demand.

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