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Gamma And Stylecraft Barber Apron

Gamma And Stylecraft Barber Apron


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Keep yourself clean and stylish while serving your clients with the GAMMA Stylecraft Barber Hairstylist Apron Our barbers apron is large and wide enough for excellent coverage. As such you dont have to worry about hair sticking to your clothes making you look dirty and feeling itchy. The waterproof material also protects your outfit against water and liquid hair products. The stylish look of these aprons is designed to add personality to the professional behind the chair. Aside from that it also comes with a 0.75x1 nameplate area where you can have your name embroidered or written using a gel pen for a more personalized appeal. Aside from style and utility these hairdressing aprons are also comfortable to wear even for the whole day. The straps hang over your shoulders instead of your neck so your nape doesnt chafe or get strained by the weight of the tools.

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